We are turning 10!

We kicked off the year with a birthday party celebrating ten years of business in Downtown Brevard. As a part of that celebration, we have selected a group of our treasured customers that have been a huge part of our success during our first decade of business. We will be highlighting one customer each month in 2019.


Jane Jones, Customer Highlight

You were a customer on our very first day of business back in 2009. What was your first impression of the shop?

It’s been so long ago, I can’t really recall EXACTLY but I’m sure it was favorable as I have kept coming back!

Why do you continue to shop at Theophilus?

The service is the best ever… the salespeople are so friendly and helpful! Also the selection of clothing… such a variety for young, old, heavy, thing, and everything in between!

What is your favorite brand that Theophilus carries?

It changes often as you are always featuring new brands. At the moment it is probably Chalet or Bryn Walker as I’m on a “linen” thing.

The store is so beautiful with such a great vibe! It feels so nice to walk in the door.