We are turning 10!

We kicked off the year with a birthday party celebrating ten years of business in Downtown Brevard. As a part of that celebration, we have selected a group of our treasured customers that have been a huge part of our success during our first decade of business. We will be highlighting one customer each month in 2019.


Jackie Witherspoon, March Highlight

You were a customer on our very first day of business back in 2009. What was your first impression of the shop?

My first impression was, “this place has it going on… and I can’t believe it’s in Brevard!” My life had just gotten easier (no more out of town shopping necessary!) And I got to meet the woman who brought this to town!

Why do you continue to shop at Theophilus?

I continue to shop at Theophilus because it’s full of gorgeous finds and it’s a one-stop shop. I love to give gifts to friends and family and I can always find something perfect at Theo. I also love the added feel-good that comes with shopping at Theo and supporting its generous mission of giving back to the community in a big way, such as to The Cindy Platt Boys & Girls Club. Martha is serious about her charitable giving and I respect that very much.

What is your favorite brand that Theophilus carries?

I seem to always be drawn to Free People.

I count my blessings for Martha and Emrie and all that Theophilus is!